5 Mobile Commerce Technology Trends to Consider in 2022

The use of mobile phones is increasing day by day. According to the report of BankMyCell, worldwide mobile phone users are estimated to reach 7.49 billion.

So, if you wish to launch a mobile application for your eCommerce business or want to create an m-Commerce, it is needless to say this is the right opportunity for you.

Leverage the benefits of mobile for your business. The use of mobile technology surely would help you grow your business to the next level.

But, just creating a mobile application won’t help you. It is essential to have the perfect guidance and help of eCommerce experts to create m-Commerce solutions that help you relaunch your business.

As a leading mobile eCommerce solutions provider, we have written about m-Commerce trends to consider. Following these trends will help you create an application that matches your user’s needs and stands at the industry’s tech trends.

With dedicated research and conducting a meeting with our professional eCommerce specialist, this blog is full of valuable information or insight on m-Commerce. Let’s dive into the blog.

Firstly, let’s get the brief about mobile commerce.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce refers to m-Commerce and mobile eCommerce,  and it means the completion of a transaction with the use of a mobile device such as a smartphone or even a wearable device.

The use of M-commerce makes the life of the people easier. Because of mobile technology, we can access any service or industry effortlessly, such as mobile banking, contactless payments, geo-location-based services, electronic boarding passes, and several others.

Accessing such services at your fingertips provides immense customer satisfaction and saves time as well. Top companies are adopting mobile commerce as it offers several benefits. As a result, you get happy customers by providing services with mobile eCommerce solutions.

Check the following benefits you gain by investing in creating mobile commerce for your business.

  • Offer a better user experience
  • Track the user behavior of user easily with the use of analytics
  • Provide personalized customer experience to your users
  • Allows you to direct get connect with customers
  • Increases the engagement of your users in your business with push notifications and text message feature
  • Better experience for your user by enhancing your mobile functionality with the use of hardware features
  • Reduce the time duration of transactions compared to a traditional website

Next, let’s discuss the latest technologies you should consider while making a mobile eCommerce application for your business.

5 Latest Mobile Commerce Trends to Consider

1 Augmented and Virtual Reality

Did you ever try a product before purchasing it during shopping in a physical store? Yes, of course.

But is it possible to try a product digitally before buying it? It is with the use of AR/VR technology.

AR/VR technology helps you make your digital store into a 3D store where users can try a product before even purchasing it.

Today, there are famous eCommerce stores that have already started using technology. For instance, IKEA, Warby Parker, Amazon, and Nike are a few examples of companies using AR technology in their stores to enhance the user experience of their mobile application.

This way, they can increase the customer experience and enhance your eCommerce stores compared to your competitors.

2 Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

If you want to increase user engagement in your mobile application, you must use chatbots. Implementing chatbots is a key element and one of the most amazing technology trends. It helps you set up an automatic process for addressing customer service. Also, you can provide a personalized experience to your users based on their data on the application.

For example, Michael Kors is a famous eCommerce store for menswear. They have implemented the technology of chatbots. These chatbots provide a personalized customer experience by offering product recommendations and assistance to users in making the right purchase worthwhile to their money.

3 Sales from Mobile Phones With One-click

One-click purchasing technology allows your user to place an order within a mobile application. It uses the previously used information entered at the time of purchasing. For example, it takes all the necessary data like payment information from your previously purchased and reduces the time required to place an order online.

All information that is automatically detected from your previous purchases is as follows.

  • Customer name
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Payment information
  • Email address
  • Phone number

This one-click saves your life when sales are ongoing on your platform so they can make purchases within a short duration.

With this feature, you can reduce one of the biggest issues in your eCommerce apps of abandoned carts and increase your mobile conversion rate. If you decide to include this functionality in your website, then our eCommerce website designer can help you.

Therefore, implementing one-click features for the payment process is one of the trending techs in m-commerce solutions.

4 Voice Shopping or Voice Control

Use of voice assistants like Siri or OkGoogle gaining more popularity over the past few years. Furthermore, integration of the voice shopping feature in the m-commerce apps will make the purchase for users easier.

Providing a voice control feature in your eCommerce or m-Commerce application will surely makes the customer experience better for people. People use the voice searching feature in mobile shopping apps.

The voice control feature helps you to increase your conversion rate. As a result, you can increase the revenue of your eCommerce store. You can also integrate tools like UPS or Think with Google as it enables tracking shipment via voice commands.

With this feature, you cut down the unnecessary steps involved in the process of purchasing eCommerce products.

In fact, as per the report of Oberlo, around 27% of the global online population is using voice search features on mobile devices. So, if you want to make an eCommerce mobile or m-Commerce mobile application, you must consider this trend of voice control.

5 Social Commerce

Today, every one of us is using social media channels. This can be beneficial for your business. So, why not use social media to increase your business.

If using the social network can help you increase user engagement and reach a larger audience, you must leverage this trend.

Allowing your customers to land on your eCommerce website or application using social media can be truly helpful. You can directly build a bridge for your customers to make purchases from social media channels like Instagram or Facebook.

So, integrating all these above trends into your m-commerce will surely add value to your business. Building an eCommerce website is like creating an online presence for your business online. Whereas, you can build PWA mobile apps for your business to target an audience who uses mobile devices for performing online purchases.


In this blog, you learned about the meaning of mobile commerce, its importance, and the benefits of creating a mobile commerce solution for your business. In addition, we have also written about the latest technology trends in your mobile commerce solutions.

In short, bringing advancement in your mobile commerce solution becomes an advantage for your business. It ultimately increases sales in your business, and your business becomes more profitable.

If you want to create a mobile commerce solution for your business, then book a call with us. As a leading mobile app development company in the USA, Canada, and UAE, we provide custom Magento mobile solutions to every business vertical.

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