6 Benefits of Using Motion Graphic for Businesses of All Scales

When words and images alone don’t drive enough results for your business, it’s time to elevate your marketing effort using videos. Motion graphics are among the best options to complete your marketing strategy.

Motion graphics refer to animated videos where text, graphs, and animation are the main actors. In most cases, audio is also necessary to support the video performance as it helps to explain the storyline.

There are many ways to use motion graphics, such as for explainer videos, logos, social media posts, and infographics. As 82% of internet traffic will be from video, there’s no better time to implement video marketing than now.

Here we’ve pieced together the five utmost benefits of using motion graphics for marketing. Let’s delve deeper together. 

1. Build the Brand’s Identity

Motion graphics can help businesses to build their brand identity effortlessly. They can create a logo or brand video that represents their business. It’s also good for your SEO efforts, increasing dwell time, and capturing the audience’s attention better.

The exciting part about motion graphics is that there’s no limitation to using your creativity. You can always bring any concept, style, and philosophy to your brand or campaign.

So you can easily create your brand’s characteristics. Most importantly, no matter how unique your idea is, motion graphics will always find a way to make your idea come to life. 

2. Provide Real-time Results

Almost all social media platforms have space for video content. Even picture-based social media, Instagram, now has room for short and long videos.

Motion graphics videos can surf everywhere across cyberspace. Not stopping there, a landing page is also a good bed for video content.

The bottom line is that every social media has its analytics page that allows you to track video performance. So you can see results immediately after you launch your video online.

You can see the click and view rates, video engagement, and retention rates of your video on each social media platform. So you can evaluate your marketing effort and develop future strategies according to the data.

3. Appealing and Effective Delivery

When it comes to video, visual aids are everything. Creating a motion graphics video allows you to get creative with your ideas.

You can create animations, graphs, typography, and motion to give appealing looks to your audiences. With pretty visuals, you have a higher chance to engage audiences longer.

Moreover, motion graphics videos for marketing purposes tend to be short. So it’s better to deliver your intention from the get-go, which makes it compelling.

Attractive visuals and compelling audio aids make motion graphics videos effective in delivering messages and engaging audiences. Moreover, they can help you improve retention rates.

4. Improve Social Engagement

As videos are shareable across social media, you can easily expose your brand and products to a mass of people. You can optimize video reach by working on explainer video SEO.

Put keywords on the video title, description, and tags so audiences can easily find your video on search engines. Implementing the right keywords to strengthen your SEO game will make your video more visible.

5. Drive Higher Engagement and Retention Rate

Videos with good engagement rates are usually short and straightforward, especially promotional videos. Therefore, your opening should be powerful enough to make audiences watch your video until the end.

Moreover, it’s better not to be too promotional about your video products. Focus on creating motion graphics that pinpoint the target audience’s problem. Then, introduce your products or brand as the solution.

Motion graphics for advertisement purposes should contain at least one strong CTA at the end to convert audiences. You can add up to two CTAs by combining gentle and strong ones to avoid being too pushy. 

6. Cost Efficient

With a stack of benefits, creating a video won’t spend all of your budget allocations. Making a motion graphics video can be more affordable and simple than live-action videos.

If you’re incapable of making a motion graphics video, you can always work with a video company. Splurging some money for experts’ work will always be worth it.

The Takeaway

Adjusting motion graphics videos as part of your marketing strategy can benefit your business. There are many types of motion graphics that you can choose from; the one that is always in high demand is explainer videos.

The points mentioned above are only some of the main benefits of having motion graphics video for your marketing effort. With robust planning and strategy, you can always have more benefits and advantages in the future.

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