Hand-Picked TikTok Marketing Strategy To Level-Up Your Game

Wider horizons, wider scopes, more opportunities, and a variety of content in abundance…seem like a dream for marketers with the advent of TikTok feeds as the hub of visual-based content. With the ideas flowing in the streamlining process to garner more traffic to your website, creative and engaging TikTok videos can do wonders. Here’s an insight into what TikTok is.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most popular lip-syncing short video platforms across the globe. Formerly known as musically, the platform revolutionized the concept of publishing content in the form of short 15-second videos. TikTok is owned by a Chinese company and has an influence world over. With more than 800 million monthly active users worldwide and an average time spent on the application being 52 minutes, it is quite a huge player in the internet space.

How Does TikTok Work?

The application is based on the algorithm of creating and publishing content in short video format. Owing to the decreased attention timespan of the viewer, the platform encourages more and more creators to create short, creative, and innovative videos. However, the length of the video content can be increased by adding multiple clips together.

There are various filters to choose from in order to beautify the video. The application also provides a set of trendy and poppy music feeds for the user to use and create content that appeals masses. And a powerful strategy to attract and hook more eyes on the brand can be to embed TikTok videos on the concerned website. This will prove beneficial for the brand as well as the creator. Plus, there is a huge audience and creators based on the application catering to all demographics. By following the below-mentioned steps, the reader can easily access the application.

A Brief Tutorial About Using The App

In order to use the application, there are a few easy steps the user has to follow; hence, they are good to go! 

Initially, the user has to download the application and surf around the downloaded application, exploring stuff on it. Then signup and create an account and receive an auto-generated username which can later be customized as per the user’s liking. The user has successfully created an account; further, the user can explore the application and two feeds created for the purpose of the interaction, i.e., Followers and Following. Interaction and liking of other feeds and accounts can begin now!

Finally, now the user can select desired music and filter and begin creating videos.

TikTok As A Marketing Channel

A huge user base and constant influx of new users make TikTok a favorable marketing and advertising channel. Advertising can also take a notch higher by opting to embed TikTok widget on brand’s website. TikTok is now a social media platform with endless appealing, entertaining, and engaging content. Moreover, TikTok users are highly creative and are known for making engaging content.

With the TikTok widget, you can display it on your website. And with the advent of social media aggregator tools, you can easily embed TikTok widget on websites with ease for webpage developers and users in general. This will positively affect sales, consumer engagement, and reduced bounce rates. Here are some marketing tips and strategies that can help marketers while planning out their social media marketing tactics.

Some TikTok Marketing Strategies and Examples in 2023

Marketing dynamics have shifted from just advertising the products on billboards and hoarding; now is the time for the game changer of social media marketing. TikTok is also not left behind in participating in marketing.

1. Collect user-generated content: 

The platform can easily help advertisers to generate authentic and genuine user-generated content. This content will further act as social proof for the brand and thus help them to reach and cater to an even larger audience. Looking at the interaction on the brand’s video and feedback from genuine users encourages and intrigues the user about the product. 

2. Running hashtag campaigns and competition:

Running hashtag campaigns boosts the user’s engagement and interaction with the video and the trend related. Also, putting up and hosting challenges increases the viewers’ interest and keeps them hooked for future content to be posted. Some popular hashtag trends that topped the charts were that published by 

  • American jeans #inmyJeans and
  •  #LaceEmUP by eBay for the sneakerheads. 

These are some particular examples of how hashtag campaigns garner more views and attention online.

3. Displaying the product interestingly:

The way a product is presented and perceived by the viewer’s makes a huge difference. If a product is endorsed and displayed nicely and interestingly, it will always catch more viewers’ eyes and, eventually, will score high in consumer engagement. Brands can use some humorous or path-breaking video ideas for their advertising, as was done by

  • Snyder’s of Hanover
  • Duolingo’s ‘Unhinged’ Campaign donned the face of Dua Lipa as the face of the campaign.

These examples took the creative route and created expressive and interesting concepts to advertise their products and run sponsored and featured ads on the application. 

4. The collaborations and influencer game needs to be heeded:

 While advertising, it is also important to pay heed and look for strategic brands to collaborate with to increase consumer engagement by many folds. While segregating the brands, they need not be competitors of each other but can be completely different from each other, like

  • FC Barcelona X Oppo 
  • KFC X Cheetos

In both these examples, each individual brand is sufficient and has its own clientele, but they have collaborated to benefit one another and cater to a wider audience and create brand awareness.

Final Word –

While TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms. It is engaging and creative, thus, amusing with its capacity to hold the user’s attention span. All of these features of the short video platform make it feasible and one of the top pickers for advertisers to run their ads on it. This will eventually increase the number of potential consumers and enhance their experiences. 

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