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Stand Alone/ Integrated Approach In Nursing Home Billing Services: Medcare MSO Medical Billing Leads

Medcare MSO Nursing Home Billing Services is the only Practice Management / Revenue Cycle Management company with a very own Telemedicine platform to be working for both major Payers like HealthCare Partners and Heritage Provider Network and Providers like Hospitals, Orthotics-Prosthetics & DME companies, Nursing Homes, Urgent Care Centers and more, across the US, with equal success!

We assist our clients to make the most of this dual exposure and have a distinct advantage to make their business more effective in a shorter amount of time. Some of the most important information regarding our medical billing services include:

Nursing Home Billing Services

HIPAA compliance (Complete Document and Data Security)

Secure Data and Information flow Between Medcare MSO Medical Billing and our partners that are equipped with reliable networking software and hardware (including secure Virtual Private Networks and FTP websites)

  • Claims are filed via EDI clearinghouse
  • All pay, no pay, and low pay reports are provided to the client or AR team on a daily basis.
  • Re-processing of denied claims begins upon the receipt of ERA
  • ERAs are uploaded to the accounts of the patients.
  • Quality checks are conducted throughout the process
  • The Turnaround Time for this process is between 24 and 48 hours

Key Advantages With Our Stand Alone/ End To End Medical Billing Services

We are the sole healthcare-related revenue cycle management firm that provides individualized support that eliminates the most difficult issues within your accounts receivable bucket by using our specific intervention.

Very Little Risk

  • Proven track record of providing healthcare BPO/KPO services.
  • Experiential in providing services to the payers as well as the providers.
  • Experience working on different software platforms
  • A rapid and effective resource for special projects that require the expertise of process and technical experts

Significant Upside Potential

Thorough knowledge of the Nursing Home Billing Services industry. Scaling up operations with a brief notice. Competitive rates, increased efficiency, better quality, and increased satisfaction of both the provider and member

Proven process performance

  • Increase in the low denial rate for revenue collection
  • Claim Processing Accuracy >98 95% TAT: 5 to 10 days
  • Contact Center: Absorption Rate: 2 %, ASA within 30 seconds to 90% of all calls. High CSAT
  • High precision in eligibility data maintenance, in sync with CMS
  • Clear Communication And Quick Response Time At All Times

Privacy of data for the end-user and security

We’re just a phone telephone call only a phone call away! Our team of experts will give you full details on our best practices in the field. Allow Medcare Nursing Home Billing Companies to work as your medical billing services provider, and we’ll ensure you flawless communication and excellent sources for a better cash flow.

Current Nursing Home Problems and Challenges

  • At present, the nursing home managers face a variety of issues and problems at nursing homes that make it difficult to ensure they are running an effective care nursing home. Some of the challenges are:
  • Staffing for long-term care crisis The nursing home industry is in the midst of a staffing crisis because of a variety of reasons, including the low pay, stress levels that come with working in a nursing facility and the aging of the baby boomers, and retirees of a significant quantity of nurses.
  • The growth of home healthcare: Home health is a fast-growing sector, and is creating a huge effect on nurse homes. Health care in the home is typically thought of as a lower cost and more practical option to care at home. For families who aren’t confident about finding the best nursing care facility that will take care of their family members home health care is the preferred choice.
  • A decline in Medicare spending and the introduction of new Medicare cuts The pandemic struck the industry of long-term care extremely. Government officials were forced by the outbreak to divert their money to fund emergency services. This led to Medicare expenditures for physicians falling by as high as 14 percent. In addition, Medicare cuts are expected to have a significant impact on SNFs because Medicare Part A covers Nursing Home Billing Collections and SNF.
  • The risk of financial penalties due to readmissions to hospitals: Nursing homes are financially penalized when they have residents readmitted to the hospital in the first 30 days after being discharged. This is because it’s considered to be a sign that the nursing home failed to offer adequate care to avoid readmission.
  • More workloads as a result of more resident demand The demands of residents in nursing homes are always changing, which leads to a greater workload for staff at nursing homes. Staff will likely need to offer more personal treatment as well as greater emotional support, even though they are impacted by the constant staffing shortage.
  • There is a lack of trust and confidence regarding nursing homes’ security: A recent survey found that 41% of those surveyed aren’t confident that nursing homes will ensure their loved one’s safety in the event of a deadly epidemic. This poses a problem for administrators, who need to restore trust and prove the safety of their facilities.

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